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Las Vegas Taste of the Best with Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Imagine entering one of Las Vegas "hottest restaurants without a reservation as you glide by the host stand and settle into a seat at the best table and have a cocktail. The chef comes to your table for a full explanation of the food's origin and preparation as you savor your meal. Depart leaving other diners awed. Repeat, repeat!

That's the culinary experience offered by Lip Smacking Foodies Tours. You have a choice of tours, each guided by a local expert over two and a half hours to sample plates from several (usually four) restaurants.

After enjoying the best of one, the group (usually no more than 10) walks to the next, learning tips and trivia from the guide. A surprise stop for a great view, a look at an interesting piece of artwork or an anecdote about a local history makes each tour unique.

A new addition is the vibrant Arts District. There you discover eclectic clothing boutiques, antique shops, theaters and art galleries between stops at the dining tables.

The itinerary includes Ester's Kitchen, featuring seasonal Italian cuisine from James Trees, a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef who has worked for Gordan Ramsey, Eric Ripert, Ray Garcia and Michael Mina, Jammyland, where former New Yorkers Danielle Crouch and Allen Katz serve up modern Caribbean fare in a converted garage with a patio and murals; and Cornish Pasty Co., where Englishman Dean Thomas serves pies from recipes that originated in the 1200's and other classic British desserts.

The new Arts District tour is $125 per person and you can add a beverage packas ($50) for a preselected signature cocktail at each stop.

The menu: Afternoon Culinary Adventures" A more casual introduction to Las Vegas through signature eats.

Lip Smacking Boozy Brunch:Three of Vegas best brunches all in one morning

Savor of the Strip: Glamorous seating in the evenings prime time.

Downtown Lip Smacking Tour: Visits to unique chef-driven restaurants in an area experiencing a rebirth. Participants must be 21 or older

Vegas Sights Worldly Bites: Global flavors are spotlighted.

Ultimate Steakhouse Tour: Visits to prestigious steakhouses for the best American prime and Japanese wagyu.

Tours range from $125 per person to $799 (for the four hour Steakhouse Tour) For an additional fee, guest can ride down the Strip in an open-air, pink Jeep Wrangler or houver over the Strip at night in a helicopter.

Tours are also offered in Seattle and St Louis and in San Jose and Santa Monica, California.

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