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Why Plan A Destination Wedding?

A Dream Price

Thousands of dollars can be saved on a Destination Wedding depending upon your guest list. If your guest list shrinks so will your budget. Many hotels and resorts offer group rates for special event groups along with many airlines.

Couples Paradise

Couples decide that getting married in their “paradise” is right for them. It can also double as the wedding and honeymoon spot.

Minimize Family Conflict

Couples coming from different backgrounds choose a Destination Wedding to eliminate stress of choosing between their hometowns. A neutral location will ease any family situation. The location will now be special place for the families.

Enjoyment of Time

You and your guest will spend more time enjoying the location, resort and the whole wedding experience. Guest will join in outings and activities at the resort. This will give them a feeling of being part of the whole event.

Reels in Your Guest List

Eliminates the feeling of having to invite every acquaintance known by each family. Most likely your wedding ceremony will be witnessed by those that truly mean the most to you.

Groom Involvement

Grooms get excited about the destination and things to do there. They will have the opportunity to get the groups together for the outings, golf and tours. It beats picking out programs and aisle runners. They won’t feel like such a fish out of the water by having the opportunity to participate in things they wouldn’t get to plan.

Getting To Know You

A more intimate setting is created since your guest will be spending time in such a close proximity and away from home. There will be plenty of time with loved ones, most importantly the opportunity for the important people in your lives to really get to know one another and bond.

Mini Vacation

It provides a weekend getaway or longer for the bridal party and families. Since traveling is usually required they will spend more time in the destination than they would at a hometown wedding. A hometown wedding usually only allows the couple 4-6 hours of time with their loved ones. And that is being generous if you take in account picture taking and traditional things like dances and bouquet toss.

Letting Go Of The Control Freak

Stop the worrying and anxiety of the details. If you choose a destination wedding you will likely relinquish most of the control to the professionals you’ve hired. This will allow you to enjoy the important things as spending time with your loved ones, friends and new spouse. Forget the little details that no one else will even notice.

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