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Ready To Travel? Ireland Is A Must

Ireland has been open to US travelers since mid-July, with fully vaccinated Americans able to skip testing and quarantine restrictions. Unvaccinated Americans, however, remain subject to pre and post arrival testing and quarantine protocols.

If you are one of the approximately 35 million American who claim Irish links and ancestry this is the perfect time to find your roots. With a 8 day trip you can do tourism right. Don't just stick in urban centers but explore the other beautiful regions.

One reason to visit Ireland is they have topped the EU charts for vaccinations, and over 90% of the adult population is now fully vacinnated meaning they are one of the safest countries to visit.

Concerts, events and festivals are operating at a capacity of 60%, but starting October 22, things will be fully reopened at 100% capacity. Restaurants will require mask and some element of social distancing. And that's all thanks to the vaccination uptake.


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