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Travel Craze Sparks Growth in Antarctica Cruising

Sailings to Antarctica, a small cruise niche, are getting new attention as demand for unusual experiences grows, especially in combination with luxury accommodations that weren't previously available.

It is a fact the number of people trying the seventh continent is surging, prompting new equipment and services from the small ship companies that are allowed to bring guests to the relatively unspoiled landscapes.

Humans have been going to Antarctica for less than 200 years. The first organized tourism excursion happened in 1966 when Lars-Eric Lindblad cruised there on a chartered Argentine navy ship.

Since then, the company he founded, Lindblad Expeditions, has come a long way. Expected in 2020-2021 season, it plans to introduce the 126-passenger National Geographic Endurance, a ship with far more modern comforts than the Argentine navy could provide.

Among the most anticipated features will be two "igloos" clear, domed structures built of triangular supports that will sit on an upper deck and provide a unique atmospheric experiences. The igloos will offer guest a well-protected area to enjoy the outdoor perspective on the spectacular landscape of the Polar Regions. Each will feature LED lighting and a two person bed with comforters for extra warmth, and drinks can be served..

Booking the igloos are still being worked out, but Lindblad is not planning to offer reservation of the igloos prior to departure, nor is it planning to charge guests for their use. This is a long way form the first navy ship cruise.

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